Garden “quilt”

Garden “quilt”

When you think about quilts it is not hard to think of many quilts with a floral pattern. On the other hand, you probably cannot name one garden that has flowers “planted” in a quilt pattern.
If you want haven’t visited this garden, placed in North Carolina, then we suggest you to do it, because they decided to “imitate” different colors and shapes that you can find in classic quilt
The purpose of this garden was to connect art and roots of that region, which is the Southern Appalachian region.

Clara Curtis who is a director of design said that she wanted to show the visitors that quilting in this place wasn’t just a typical hobby for people who lived there and they had to be professionals, not amateurs in order to do this.

Women from different cities and towns recycled some parts of fabrics into amazing blankets.
Every year they use one pattern that is chosen for this garden. When it comes to plants they don’t grow too fast or too tall, which is a good thing because in that way they are able to maintain the look of this pattern.

When it comes to weather it can be pretty cold, even in spring, while in summer can be pretty hot, which means that plants must tolerate this and be adaptable in order to survive and tolerate different temperatures and late frosts.

Clara said that if you want to have your own quilt garden that you should plant one square or if not that you should plant 4 squares that are separated by pathways, of course only if you have larger space.