Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden

If you love to decorate your garden, and you cannot choose the suiting style, Japanese garden style is perfect, especially if you have a smaller garden. You can have the smallest and tiniest place on earth, the small Japanese garden will be able to fit there.

Maybe you didn't know but there is a great tradition in Japanese gardening of creating gardens in the spaces that are not so big.

.- Tsubo-niwa: A small Japanese Garden:

Tsubo-niwa is an ancient and amazing tradition in Japan. They have created it in the tiniest spaces, because they are not just meant for courtyards, but also for the narrow spaces, and even paths.

If you are worried that maintaining this garden is hard, don't worry, they are really easy to maintain, even if time is an issue.

By using gravel and stones you will be able to achieve the great effect in these gardens, and you will have the advantage of needing no watering.

If you are creative and love to decorate your house and your garden, you can always add something that will create even more beautiful atmosphere such as stone lanterns or stone basins where your friends and family might wash their hands.

Of course if you have a wider space, you will be able to improvise much more, and then you could create as " shukkei " style garden.

We were just giving some ideas for those who have smaller gardens, and probably think they cannot do much with them, and that they are useless.