Six Clever Gardening Tips from Listotic

Six Clever Gardening Tips from Listotic

Having a kitchen garden will not only help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle by providing you with fresh vegetables but also save time and money that you would have spent shopping for the same at the grocery stores. Here are six ingenious gardening tips from Listotic.

Rubbermaid Storage Containers

If you do not have a spacious yard, Rubbermaid storage containers will come in handy. They are light in weight and easy to use. You can plant tomatoes, kales, spinach, and many other types of vegetables inside the containers.

Make Use of Diapers

Diapers are made from an absorbent material that you can use to retain moisture around your potted plants. They will reduce water evaporation, thereby promoting the growth of the plants.

Use Epsom Salt

You can use Epsom salt to increase the level of magnesium in the soil. For tomatoes and peppers, it is recommended to sprinkle or mix it with the soil when planting and again when the plants have matured to replenish the levels of magnesium.

Organic Fertilizers

Some synthetic fertilizers contain harmful compounds that cause environmental pollution. The food remnants from your kitchen such as tomato peelings can be composted to create organic manure. Use the compost to boost the levels of various nutrients required by your plants to grow.

Use Cinder Blocks to Raise the Garden

One of the ingenious ways of raising your home garden is by using cinder blocks as the base. Make sure that the blocks are strong enough to hold the weight of the soil and plants to get the best results.

Eggshell Planters

Do not dispose of eggshells into the bin; use them to plant your seedlings outdoors or indoors during inclement weather. They are not only readily available but also contain a copious amount of calcium that will promote germination of the seedlings.

Bonus Tips: use a plastic nursery pot as a watering system by making holes at the bottom and placing it strategically in the middle of your garden.